What did institutions need to do to take the pledge?

There were some simple steps to taking the pledge. The first was to identify what the institution was already doing for estranged students. The second was to identify which areas of support for estranged students the institution was aiming to develop. The third was to find the approval of theVC, ProVC or Principal who would write a public letter of commitment, showing that the institution is behind the pledge.

Did institutions need to have support in place in all four areas already before taking pledge?

No. The point of the pledge was to help institutions develop support in areas it might not have thought about before.

Who wrote the pledge letter?

The letter needed to come from the VC, ProVC or Principal.

It was common practice for engaged individuals within an institution to champion the taking of the pledge, but the letter needed to be signed by the VC, Pro VC or Principal.

How much did it cost?

There was no charge to take the pledge. However there was a cost associated with attending  professional development conferences to learn more about supporting estranged students and sharing good practice.

How was the pledge monitored?

An annual update on progress via an online form. 


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