Supporting Estranged Students in Scotland: 09 July 2018


Five HE Providers in Scotland have currently taken the Stand Alone Pledge to develop their support provision for estranged students: 3 universities and 2 FE colleges. This conference heard from these institutions about how they work to support estranged students on application and transition into higher education and through on course support. 

A discussion on language gave rise to recognising the need for a clear definition of 'estranged' and how that differs from 'care-experienced' in Scotland. Stand Alone will work with HE partners in Scotland on such a definition.

SFC highlighted that estranged students will continue to be a named group within the 'at risk' cohort both within outcome agreements and policy development.

SAAS recording procedures have been updated to be able to provide the number of students classified as 'independent and estranged' from 2018/19. 

Estranged students need to be more visible as a group within HE policy and regulations. They are currently at a disadvantage due to their lack of family support, for example in terms of financial support - in comparison to care leavers and care-experienced applicants and students. We are hopeful that together with our partners in the HE sector we can influence policy and bring about change in the long term.

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