We will provide a bursary of £1000 per year for undergraduate estranged students and they will have priority access to the University Hardship Fund. A named person will work with students to ensure they receive their full entitlement to student funding. We will assist estranged students with their application to the Go Wales programme to help them gain relevant experience to move into employment after graduation.


We will offer estranged students guaranteed access to university accommodation for the duration of their course. We will make available 10 accommodation bursaries of 50% of their accommodation fees for their first year of study.

Mental Health

We will help students with their application to SFE/SFW to alleviate the stress of dealing with Student Finance. A named contact will support estranged students with all aspects of transition into university life and throughout the academic cycle. Estranged students will be made aware of the university’s Counselling, Health and Wellbeing service at every opportunity.


We will communicate the support for estranged students in our outreach work with schools and colleges, via our web pages, open days and other pre-entry activities. We will work with local hostels and homeless charities to reach those without home support.

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