An annual bursary of £1500 for all estranged students. Prioritisation of estranged students for other hardship grants, including the Support Grant, Technology bursaries, the Course Costs Grant, and Summer Grant.


365-day accommodation in our Halls of Residence (at a substantially reduced rate over the summer months). No requirement for guarantors in Halls of Residence. Prioritised accommodation for those who are homeless, and removal of the need for prepayments/deposits for these students. Good links with a local charity who provide independent support and advice on housing and homelessness. Investigating the introduction of a University Rent Guarantor scheme to give estranged students equality of opportunity to access rental.

Mental Health

Robust communication and co-ordination processes across Student Experience teams to ensure staff are aware of the support available to estranged students. Smooth referral processes to the named contact across Student Experience teams, including Therapy and Mental Health, Student Funding, and Student Achievement teams. Termly attendance and engagement checks, and outreach work targeted at those who fall below a certain level. A peer support programme for improved opportunities for estranged students to meet with those in the same position and develop social and support networks is in planning.


Working on improved communication to estranged students via outreach work in schools and colleges, and via the website. Opportunities to work with professional mentors to increase confidence and improve graduate prospects are in planning.

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