Where students have faced difficulty in proving their status as an Independent Student for the purposes of Student Finance, we will work with the individual to resolve the situation and access the maximum funding available to them.


When a student is unable to provide a guarantor to secure accommodation in an LJMU partner hall, the University will ask the accommodation provider to waive the need for a guarantor. When a student chooses to live in non-LJMU partner accommodation, the University will support the student in securing suitable accommodation and, where possible, liaise with relevant landlords / accommodation providers to ensure that any barriers to accessing such accommodation are negotiated appropriately.

Mental Health

Students seeking to access counselling and mental health support can access one-off drop-in sessions and ongoing support through self-referral or via the dedicated member of staff for estranged students or other staff member. When appropriate, the University will refer students to other agencies providing specific support for counselling and mental health issues.


Our Outreach team provide specific advice and guidance to estranged young people in schools and colleges to support them in considering higher education, including preparing a UCAS statement and accessing scholarships.

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