Information, advice and support to estranged students on how to apply for funding, associated benefits and independent status. Priority group within the Hallam Hardship Fund (academic year 2016/17) and within our new Student Success Scheme in 2017/18. Welcome booklet specifically for estranged students and a blog providing additional information and advice. Named on course contacts for estranged students. Supported referrals to relevant local support groups and external agencies


Guaranteed access to 365 day accommodation - in particular to cover the holiday periods. Prioritised accommodation for homeless students. Support estranged students in finding accommodation to suit their needs and budget, taking into account challenges, through a Residential Support Co-ordinator and Management within the student properties.

Mental Health

Named contacts for estranged students in the Student Wellbeing Service. Make sure students are aware of internal and external counselling and wellbeing services and how to access them. Ensure staff in Student Wellbeing are aware of the support available from other departments to estranged students. Work with the Sheffield Student Health and Wellbeing Board to improve awareness of the needs of estranged students within the city of Sheffield and improve access to low cost or free of charge counselling support.


Include IAG in outreach work for young people living without support from their families and/or experiencing family breakdown. Foster links with local charities, foyer and homeless shelters. Raise awareness of estranged students and the challenges they face with university staff, school and college key contacts and Local Authorities. Offer bespoke activities to support progression and communicate support available for estranged students within our outreach work with schools and colleges, charities and local authorities. Specific information for estranged students on our website to include our estranged student blog and application support scheme information.

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