There are a range of different types of funding support available to students whilst studying at college. Which one they access will depend on the level of course they are studying and their personal circumstances. Most students will be entitled to some form of assistance to help with the cost of studying, including living and travel costs, course materials, childcare and benefits. Students can access support when applying for funds and so for those experiencing difficulty in providing evidence of estrangement, our Guidance and Student Funding Team will work with them to remove barriers. We also prioritise access to Discretionary Funds for estranged students.


We will support students to access accommodation if they require it, through external sources. We will ensure that students are aware of the local agencies that can help them to secure both emergency accommodation as well as private rental accommodation. We also look to support rent, or mortgage interest payments through our discretionary funding which estranged students are eligible to apply for to contribute towards their accommodation costs.

Mental Health

Our Guidance and Attendance teams are available across all five Fife College campuses and dedicated to supporting students in any way possible to ensure that their time at Fife College is the best it can be. All appointments are treated with respect and confidentiality. We have an external Counselling Service that we can refer students to if needed and will also refer to other outside agencies as appropriate to enable students to access the best support possible. Our Health and Wellbeing Adviser works in partnership with NHS Fife to ensure that all aspects of Health and Wellbeing are promoted and supported with the College. Our Students’ Association also host a number of organised events, sport activities and societies all to support students in every aspect of their college experience.


We are continuing to improve our methods of identifying estranged students in order to enhance the support that we can offer. This includes working together with a range of external partners including local secondary Schools and SDS. We continually look to source and nurture new partnerships that will benefit our estranged students.

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