Our specialised Bursary Team can provide guidance and support on all matters of student funding, including assistance with completing Bursary and SAAS application forms, how to apply for DWP benefits, Childcare, Hardship or Discretionary applications and budgeting advice.


As part of our Guidance & Support services we provide advocacy support for students experiencing accommodation issues or facing homelessness. We liaise with various agencies, such as local authorities, to ensure we can provide immediate support to any students requiring assistance.

Mental Health

At South Lanarkshire College we provide dedicated emotional support to all our students and offer an in-house counselling service, free mindfulness classes, pastoral support and individual one-to-one support, as required. We aim to build upon our student support provision by creating a meeting space for students to discuss their concerns and create a peer support system that is accessible for all students.


We currently offer 1:1 named staff contact support for estranged students and aim to build on this by identifying estranged students via the admission & enrolment processes. This will allow us to highlight the support available from the beginning of their chosen course. We already work with a number of external agencies to support estranged students and look forward to building on these relationships. Additional information will be available on our website to outline the support available for estranged students attending South Lanarkshire College.

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